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Better opportunities. Better balance. Better match. Whatever better means to you, we're the people who make it possible. Because your better drives us to seek out the best and brightest in the industry, work with the finest companies in their fields, and place the best talent in the marketplace. Isn't it time for something better?

Founded in 1980, JobHunter, a privately owned corporation, is a leading provider of talent-based solutions and actionable workforce intelligence. With offices that span the United States, a broad service portfolio, and a seasoned staff, we support companies through the entire employment life cycle—from attraction to retention.

We offer a uniquely comprehensive and innovative solution set that effectively meets the needs of our clients and associates in the following areas:

  • Administrative & Clerical
  • Customer Service
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Information Technology
  • Skilled Trades

Leading the Industry, JobHunter is recognized as one of the largest staffing firms in the United States by Staffing Industry Analysts, the global adviser on staffing and workforce solutions.



433 Roundtree Dr
Dawson, GA 39842

Insisting on only the freshest ingredients and simple food, Jim cooks in small batches to ensure freshness. However, this means that sometimes certain items will temporarily sell out. Don't worry. We will be back in stock quickly.

We use a third-party delivery service, Jarvis Delivery. Please order online via their page and allow time for safe delivery.  We have no control over delivery times and the condition of food in route.

It's best to order foods that can travel. In general, fried foods are best eaten in our dining room not delivered.

We take pride in giving back to the wonderful community by ongoing support of the local Food Bank.


Jim Fried Chicken

433 Roundtree Dr
Dawson, GA 39842
Category: Restaurants


Corner bakeshops and quaint cupcakeries have been the monuments and landmarks highlighting Jill Dandy’s travels, from Switzerland to San Francisco, New Zealand to New York City. With her eyes always drawn to decorated beauty and a palate forever poised to enjoy another classic confection, Jill has taken decades of passionate appreciation and turned it into inspired creation. Jill's Cakery is now the palate-pleasing destination for fellow sugar-seeking jet setters and local fanatics alike.


Jill baked her first birthday cake at age 12 and her first wedding cake at age 14, armed only with decorating lessons from a generous neighbor and a whole lot of enthusiasm. Drawing inspiration from bakeries visited on many trips throughout the world, she continued to refine her signature flavors and classic decorating style over many years, before realizing her dream of opening a corner bakery of her own in 2005. Jill's Cakery specializes in custom-designed cakes, cupcakes, and cookies and is now recognized as one of the premier boutique bakeries in the state.


Jill’s Cakery

433 Roundtree Dr
Dawson, GA 39842

Jarvis Delivery is your local solution for third-party food delivery.

Unlike the big guys, we don’t charge high commissions on each purchase to local restaurants that are just trying to get their food out to the customers who love it. Why? Because those local restaurant owners own Jarvis Delivery too!

That means Jarvis Delivery is a sustainable, affordable model for small business owners, keeps your money in your community, and offers better prices and customer service for hungry people like you.

So dig in!


Jarvis Delivery

433 Roundtree Dr
Dawson, GA 39842