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ZOZOs Top Five Playlist

Atlanta-based band ZOZO recently shared their debut single, ‘Heafty’, a delicious pop track with indie guitar and electronic vibes.

ZOZO has already earned acclaim and features for demo tracks from local and international tastemakers, and now their debut single is making it clear they mean business. The four-piece truly hit the mark for an uplifting summer banger, with an unmistakable upbeat energy, dance beats and addictive hooks.

We spoke to frontman Sista to hear ZOZO’s top 5 playlist tracks at the moment- check it out below!

Attention by Charlie Puth
Big hooks, inspired melodies, sublime guitar parts and wonky bass that can make you sway against your own will. It walks that line between being shamelessly pop and effortlessly cool that so few songs can pull off. ‘Chocolate’ by The 1975 is another. It’s the kind of track a lot of people might be embarrassed to say they love as much as they do. We’re not embarrassed. It’s great.

24/7 by NOISY
The energy is phenomenal – it’s got that big festival tent vibe where everyone’s going nuts and you’ve lost your friends, but you don’t even care because EVERYONE is your friend. Their sound is much more influenced by Jungle and Garage than ours is, but we want that same vibe, that same festival feeling. ‘24/7’ is pretty chilled out by their standards, but it’s just such a cool mission statement for who they are. Definitely check out their other tracks too.

G.O.A.T. by Polyphia
It’s instrumental and the musicianship is just top notch. There are so many techniques going on in that guitar riff, but it’s still just as catchy as it is Muso. You don’t have to be a guitarist to love it. It’s all one big flex, but it’s also just great music for anyone and everyone to enjoy. And that’s hard to pull off.

Don’t Kill My Vibe by Sigrid
There’s something effortlessly likeable about Sigrid. We know she’s quite ubiquitous these days and you’ve probably already heard of her (and heard this song), but she’s a massive influence on us in almost everything we do. There’s something unique about her as a Pop Star that permeates her image, her music, her voice, her lyrics. Even now that she’s massive, she seems so impossibly wholesome and down to earth – just a girl who loves to sing her songs without all the BS. And nobody does melody quite like Sigrid. Pop music over the past decade has often been very moody and downtempo, with ‘melodies’ limited to just one or two notes.

Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins
A wonky electronic track may seem like a weird addition to this list, given the first four entries, but ‘Open Eye Signal’ inspired the middle 8 of ‘Weekends’. In some sense, it was about trying to capture some of what this track does, except with a drum kit, a bass guitar and an electric guitar instead of with synths and samples.

Keep an eye on ZOZO as we’ve heard they’ve got more up their sleeve for later this year!

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After 14 years at Clear Channel Radio, Jim left the industry in 2013 to devote full-time attention to his company, Mediagin Creative, a small freelance creative agency that develops WordPress websites as well as produces commercials for radio and TV. After being asked by the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters to speak to a panel of small market station owners about the need for better websites, it became apparent that an easy to use and low-cost solution was needed to assist smaller markets in competing for online ad dollars. Skyrocket Radio was born.