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Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson

Phil Coulson

About Phil Coulson

I really do love my hometown! I literally was born here, grew up here, and have lived here all my life. And I am very, very proud to be raising my two awesome kids here now.

On the radio sidelines, I’m also very proud to be part of the local Health System Acute Rehabilitation team! All through 2020 and 2021, I have been part of a stellar group of dedicated medical and therapy-based professionals who have helped many, many local infected with Covid, get back to health, back on their feet and back to their homes and families!!! God Bless them all!  I am also VERY proud to be part of the stellar team of broadcasters here who have played a huge part in the hope and help and healing process for our whole city throughout this troubling and often terrifying time. I can’t say it often enough… our music is the ultimate comfort food for our hometown soul!!! Thank you all!!!

Life can be difficult at times, but sometimes all you need is a little reminder that God IS there and he IS in control...you are NOT alone.